Certified GreenLean™

Certification of your GreenLean™ designed home is where it comes full circle. After purchasing or modifying a plan, the plan needs to be followed correctly when constructed. When you apply for GreenLean™ certification, we are certifying that the GreenLean™ design principles and engineering have been followed accurately as designed and specified. Certification is achieved after progress pictures are provided at specific stages of construction, signifying GreenLean™ design principles and engineering have been followed. The Certified GreenLean™ stamp of approval confirms your home of proven energy savings and comfort a GreenLean™ home can truly offer.

interior of greenlean home

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I want to thank you for a well insulated home. As a result of the winds December 2011, we were without power for 20 hours. Our inside temperature went from 66° to 63°. Outside temperatures were freezing. 3°!!. We managed well during the storm. We love our GreenLean home.  -Debbie

The basement isn't as cold in the winter compared with my prior residence. In fact, I close all my vent registers in the basement during the winter and it's still comfortable and not chilly. Additionally, I have noticed that my utilities are lower than my neighbors.  I've kept the windows closed since the weather has turned colder and it keeps the warm air in the house all through the night. I have yet to turn on the heater!  -Justin

We love our home that is built incorporating the GreenLean™ System. Living in Utah we have very warm summers and very cold winters. Our home has stood up to the elements better than we would have dreamed. Our last home, built in 1995, was 400 sq ft smaller than this home now. In that home our gas bill was over $300 a month in the winter. Now, in a bigger home, our gas bill has not gone over $105. The savings in the winter alone have been astronomical.  Then there is the summer factor. Our other home we would spend almost $200 a month on electricity in the summer ( A/C unit), now our electric bill hovers around $80 dollars a month. I am not sure what you did differently than the other builders, all I know is I definitely see a huge difference.  -Tommy

I have loved my home! The location, floor plan, quality and energy savings of it!   My utility costs have been similar to those of properties half as big as mine. I appreciate the attention to detail that was put into the energy saving design of it. Thank you for a well-built home! -Diane